Dear friend. A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say good bye... (¯`•¤.HUSSAIN.¤•´¯)

আহমদ হোসাইন 👈

hello,friends i am Ahmed hussain.from beani bazar ,sylhet.view my profile plz.i love reading song.lover voilent.Flowers need sunshine, violets need dew, all angels in heaven know I need u. years may fly, tears may dry, but my friendship with u will never die.Feel good when somebody Miss u. Feel better when somebody Loves u. But feel best when somebody never ! many many thanks for view my profile
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I have a dream that one day my nation Bangladesh will rise up and achieve the goal of 1971 and become on the power nation in the world will not be judge by colour their religion or culture but by the content of their characters. ♥»-(¯`●hussain●´¯)-»♥

You can make your deeams true, you know all you have to do is belive in yourself & let your dreams sure, then the world will indeed be yours. ♥»-(¯`●hussain●´¯)-»♥



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Modular Properties and Their Great Cost Rates

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Dear ... , i seems odd to start a letter with Dear ... rather than My Love. Sweetheart or princess My, life has certainly taken quite a turan
Though we have been apart these months, I always believed that life
would bring us back together. That hope was a comfort and geve me
the patience to wait for that future. As time has passed, it is pretty
clar that you have dirfted futher and further away from me. I guess it
is finally time for me to acknowledge, to you and myself, that our
futures will take different paths.
My hope that destiny would bring us beck together meant that I never
really had to say goodbye. As much as that saddens me, I think it is
really time for me to say goodbye to you.
your entry into my life breathed life into me. It gave me an excitement
for each new day and I looked forward with anticipation to each time !
could see you.
In all of life, I have never really felt so at peace as when I was in your
arms. I was enthralled by the beauty of you smile, beaitched by the
twinkein you eye and overcome by the passion of your ...... . you
certainly had an affect on me.
There will always be a place in my heart that you will be fondly, fondly
remembered, but it is now time for me to seek my own future.
I wish you the brightest future and I hope you find all that you are looking for ...
With all my love,
what is love how ??
dose it happand . i think iam in it now so plz gays help what should i do for it now thanks

how loves more girl or a boy ? there was 2 butterfly 1 was m/f they use to love each outer and the girl butterfly promises to met hem tomorrow on the same flower .the next day girl butterfly came on the place ware they promise to met. she wait for a long time but he didn't come she felt so bad. and sow towards the flower and the flower opened slowly and she sees hem in the flower sleeping forever .


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    I Came aCross dreams
    I never dreamt…
    I’m overwhelmed and
    In a state eCstatiC bliss…
    In the race with time,
    You’re the winner…
    In this one life,
    search for fun & enjoy…
    Oh what a handsome boy!
    Ta king wind out my sails…
    To day, the stars fell
    Into my hands…
    And the Clouds are after me…
    It’s useless once you Cross
    The youth age of having fun…
    I’ll show you more
    such thrills in life…
    In this path eCstasy
    Lies more miracles…
    And more beautiful dreams…
    The world is more beautiful
    Today I’m surprised…
    And Crazy to have found
    New meaning to freedom…
    You Can’t stick to your
    Home all the time…
    Spread your wings and
    Walk on the Clouds…
    I like what you said…
    There is magic in your words…

    what is love how ??
    dose it happand . i think iam in it now so plz gays help what should i do for it now thanks
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