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At 6:56pm on May 9, 2016, wxm said…
At 11:00pm on November 13, 2016, Tracy said…
Whenever an NBA player sends out a cryptic tweet, people jump at the opportunity to guess what it means. Perhaps it's out of boredom, perhaps it's serious or maybe people just want retweets and likes by making a dumb joke.After Kyrie Irving Jerseys the Great Emoji War in July 2015, fans want to make a big deal out of emoji used by players. The latest case was new Lebron James Jerseys Warriors forward Kevin Durant, who sent out the thinking emoji Monday night.What could it possibly mean? Is it a reference to a FIFA game? Was Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys he thinking about a hot sculpting class? Was it something more sinister? We won't know unless someone asks him about it, so instead we're stuck Derrick Rose Jerseys coming up with stupid theories.
NEW YORK — Along with his years of playoff experience and a wealth of knowledge on the ins and outs Stephen Curry Shoes of running an NBA team, George Hill brought along something else from Indiana that’s helping the Jazz these days: his deck of cards.Hill is the Golden State Warriors Jerseys main dealer on the team plane rides — just as he’s been dealing everybody in on the floor as the Jazz’s new leader.“Sometimes just playing cards gets to Stephen Curry Jerseys get the team binding,” Hill told Sporting News. “We laugh. We joke. We tell stories. So it makes us a little closer. We’ve even got Gordon to start playing cards.”Gordon is Gordon Hayward, Hill’s old friend from back home in Indiana. The Jazz small forward wants

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